Most of the equipment used in our project execution are machines owned by M.E.C.Co and operated by company employees. Some of these machines and equipment:

 A- Cranes

 A-1 Tower-crane, type Wolffkrane, height 78 m, jib 37.5 m, jib-nose load 2.5 ton

 A-2 Tower-crane, type Potain on rails, height 36 m, jib 45 m, jib-nose load 1.5 ton

 A-3 Tower-crane, type Comidel on rails, height 60 m, jib 60 m, jib-nose load 1.5 ton

 A-4 Tower-crane, type Beta, height 28 m, jib 28 m, jib-nose load 0.75 ton

 A-5 Tower-crane, type Beta, height 18 m, jib 18 m, jib-nose load 0.75 ton

 A-6 Rough-Terrain crane, type Grove RT 527.5, jib 27.5 m, maximum load 25 ton

 A-7 Passenger and cargo lifts, maximum load 1.0 ton,

B- Concrete Mixing and Handling

 B-1 Central batching plants with capacity of up to 40 m3/hr.

 B-2 Concrete mixers with capacity of 750/500 L.

 B-3 Stationary concrete pump type Schwing.

C- Wheel Loaders

 C-1 Caterpillar loaders model 926 and 926e.

 C-2 Various Skid-Steer Loaders

D- Other Equipment

 D-1 Electric Generators. Several ranging in capacity from 5 kV to 150 kV.

 D-2 Vibrating rollers.

 D-3 Reinforcement steel bar bending and cutting machines, capacity up to 64 mm.

 D-4 Air compressors 195cfm.

 D-5 SGB scaffolding system and formwork, 15,000 m3.

 D-6 Concrete trowelling machine and vacuum pump.

 D-7 Transport and hauling vehicles.

 D-8 Electric welding machines.


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